Monday 27th

Monday 27th March
Banff Pre-meeting: New endpoints for Next Generation Clinical Trials
Chairs: Denis Glotz, Peter Nickerson
Banff Pre-meeting: New endpoints for Next Generation Clinical Trials
Chairs: Denis Glotz, Peter Nickerson

Tuesday 28th

Tuesday 28th March
Up-dates from Banff Working Groups
Chairs: Lorrain Racusen, Kim Solez
Banff Concurrent Kidney 1: The significance of i-IFTA revisiting TCNR and mixed rejection
Chairs: Ian Gibson, Candice Roufosse

Banff Concurrent: Lung-Antibody-mediated rejection, to be continued
Chairs: David Hwang and Elizabeth Pavlisko

Banff Concurrent Liver 1
Chairs: Anthony Jake Demetris and Stefan Hübscher

Wednesday 29th

Wednesday 29th March
Banff Plenary 1: The integrated Diagnosis: Histology + DSA
Chairs: Phil Halloran, Christophe Legendre
SCT Plenary 1: State of the art: Cellular repair of damaged organs
Chairs: Laura Lladó and Kim Solez
Joint Plenary abstracts 1
Chairs: Ramón Charco and Brian Nankivell
SCT Plenary 2: Key issues in clinical trials in solid organ transplantation
Chairs: Denis Glotz and Frederic Oppenheimer
SCT Oral Session 1: Experimental and Immunology aspects
Chairs: Lluís Guirado and Eduard Palou
Banff concurrent: Pancreas
Chairs: Cinthia Rachemberg

Banff concurrent: Heart
Chairs: Annalisa Angelini, Gerald Berry

Banff concurrent: VCA
Chairs: Linda Cendales, Brand Farris

Thursday 30th

Thursday 30th March
Banff Symposium: The Molecular Microscope in routine Transplantation Pathology
Chairs: Mark Haas and Alex Loupy
SCT Plenary 3: How to increase donor pool
Chairs: Julio Pascual and Teresa Pont
Banff Plenary 2: Staging and Grading of rejection: the need in the era of Precision Medicine
Chairs: Robert Colvin and Philip Halloran
Joint Plenary abstracts 2
Chairs: Josep Maria Cruzado and Michael Mengel
SCT Plenary 4: Precision medicine in solid organ transplantation
Chairs: Fritz Diekmann, Nicolás Manito
SCT Oral Session 2: Update in organ donation
Chairs: David Paredes and Alberto Sandiumenge
Banff concurrent: Kidney 2
Chairs: Mark Haas, Alex Loupy

Banff concurrent: Liver 2
Chairs: Chris Bellamy and Sandy Feng

  • Serum DSA in long-surviving liver allograft recipients: an algorithmic approach to determine potential clinical significance
    Sandy Feng, San Francisco, USA
  • Focusing the “molecular microscopic” on liver allografts: integration of genomics and tissue pathology
    Alberto Sánchez-Fueyo, London, United Kingdom
  • Subclinical liver allograft rejection and “tolerance-related” liver infiltrates
    Richard Taubert, Hannover, Germany

Friday 31st

Friday 31st March
Banff summary and closing remarks
Chair: Kim Solez
SCT Plenary 5: The future of DCD in solid organ transplantation
Chairs: Marta Crespo and Núria Masnou
  • DCD Donors in Spain: pearls and pitfalls
    Elisabeth Coll, Madrid, Spain
  • Risk factors associated with DCD kidney function and survival
    José Maria Portolés Madrid, Spain
  • Will normothermic perfusion become the new standard for the maintenance of DCD donors?
  • Update on the results of recent clinical trials on organ machine perfusion prior to transplantation:
    • Lung. Irene Bello, Barcelona, Spain
    • Liver. Rubén Ciria, Córdoba, Spain
    • Kidney
SCT Oral Session 3:Hot topics in outcomes after solid organ transplantation
Chairs: Gonzalo Crespo and Antonio Román