Speakers & Authors

Speakers & Authors

Instructions for speakers and authors

Oral presentation guidelines

All presentations should be based on PowerPoint 2003 or 2007 versions. Audiovisual components should be based on Quick-Time or Windows-Media-File formats.

Speakers and authors need to bring a copy of the presentation on a Flash drive (USB Drive, memory stick). Please upload your presentation BEFORE the start of your session. Uploading may be done during coffee / lunch breaks. If you are speaking in the first session of the day, please arrive at 07.30 to upload your presentation or upload the day before if possible.

Orals will be presented in the Paraninf (Plenary) and Aula Magna (Parallel).

You will not be using your own computer for the presentation

If your presentation needs to insert additional files (e.g., a video file embedded in your PowerPoint presentation), please make sure with the technician that these files work properly and are available for transfer as well.

Please gauge the length of your presentation according to your allocated time. The chairperson will inform you when you are within a few minutes of the end of your allocated time, and will be instructed to cut-off speakers who run over time.

POSTER presentation guidelines

There will be two posters sessions and Authors are kindly requested to stay close to their posters for discussion with other participants as per the following schedule:

Posters for Joint Poster Viewing Session 1 (Final references from P1 to P38)

  • Poster set-up: from Tuesday the 28th March from 8am to 1pm
  • Poster dismantling: Removed on Wednesday 29th March never later than 8.00pm, right after the end of the Poster session.

Posters for Joint Poster Viewing Session 2 (Final references from P39 to P77)

  • Poster set-up: on Thursday 30th from 8 am to 1pm
  • Poster dismantling: Removed on Friday 31st March never later than 11.00 am

Authors are kindly requested to stand by their posters at the following times:

  • Poster Viewing Session 1:  Wednesday 29th March from 18:30h to 19:30h
  • Poster Viewing Session 2:  Thursday 30th March from 18.30h to 19:30h

Information for the preparation of posters:

  • Posters should be prepared in advance and should be brought in person by the author. DO NOT MAIL YOUR POSTER.
  • The poster must be placed in the panel number corresponding to the final number indicated in thie acceptance letter.
  • The dimensions of the poster must NOT exceed 80 cm wide by 120 cm high (Vertical)
  • Posters should be legible at a distance of 1.5 metres (60 inches) when reproduced on an A4 sheet of paper.
  • The title, names of the authors, institutions, city and country should be indicated on the poster.
  • It is advisable to organise your poster in sections: introduction, results and conclusions.
  • Display material will be provided at the registration desk located
  • Posters have to be removed as per the above schedule
  • Posters left on the panels will not be mailed to the authors after the Congress.
  • The 2017 Banff-SCT Joint Scientific Meeting will not be responsible for loss or damage occurred to posters left on the panels.

Transplantation PROCEEDINGS

Transplantation Proceedings invites authors with accepted Abstracts for both oral and poster presentations the opportunity to submit a full manuscript to Transplantation Proceedings in conjunction with the 2017 BANFF/SCT Joint Scientific Meeting

See complete guidelines here.

Complimentary pages

The Meeting Organisers are pleased to provide with some complimentary pages to authors of Oral Presentation and/or Poster according to the following:

  • Authors under 35 years old: 3 complimentary pages
  • Authors over 35 years old:   1 complimentary page

In order to benefit from these complimentary pages, it is mandatory that the first author of the manuscript is the one who present the comunication during the 2017 BANFF-SCT Joint Scientific Meeting. Proof of age has to be sent to the Technical Secretariat – AOPC before sending the Manuscript. Failure to do so may result in the non application of this benefit.